First Webinar of the Year
Marnie Ham
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Hi All, 
I want to make sure we get a section meeting going, while we are still getting organized.
I want to make sure that people don't think we aren't here.

Any ideas or suggestions for a webinar?
This does not mean you have to run it.  I am just looking for some brainstorming.  Once we have ideas, we can see who is interested in providing the session.

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Hi - I did a very good webinar on Reflective Leadership and presented it for the HD&L community and had positive feedback.
I can share the synopsis and presentation.
I'm also have a presentation on Peace of Mind, the next tool in the quality leader's toolbox, I can share that as well - all rooted in quality leadership, but taking a more effective approach for sustainable results.

Let me know what you think.

Hi -
Reflective Leadership and Peace of Mind are both great topics. I'm interested to see how you presented those topics.  Just for clarification, HD&L = Human Development & Leadership??
Marnie Ham
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This sounds great!
How soon would you being willing to do this?