Call for Member Leader Volunteers
The Cincinnati Section has historically been a very active Section, providing programs, and resources to ASQ members in the area.  Newsletters, meetings, and other regular activities supported the quality community and allowed members to network, learn, and gain valuable leadership experience. 

In 2020, we are challenged with finding volunteers to take up leadership roles and plan events for the year.
If you are interested in helping to sustain ASQ Cincinnati, please reach out to Therese Steiner, Region Director, at or respond to this discussion posting.
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Marnie Ham
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I am interested! What can I do to help?
Awesome - glad to hear Marnie!  Thanks for the phone call this morning as well.  I have you in the list for 2020 leaders and hope to find a few more to round out the Leadership Committee and get things going.

I am willing and able to do what is necessary to help revive the Cincinnati section. I responded your email and look forward to hearing back from you. 

Best regards, 
Chad Geesman
Hi Therese,

I am new to ASQ, but would like to assist in any way possible to continue to sustain the Cincinnati Section.  While in college, I attended a Cincinnati Section meeting as a student for an extra credit assignment and found it to be a valuable way to network, learn from others, and meet some of the area's professional leaders in Quality.  I reached out by email, but also wanted to add to this discussion here.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Michelle Weitzel
Great to hear from you all!   I’ve seen emails from about 20 members so far as well so it certainly sounds like we will have enough volunteers to start a new Leadership Committee!   If you get a moment, read thru some of the role descriptions over on the Resources page in this community site.  We will talk more soon!
I'm available the week of Feb 3 & 10th to meet.
I'm interested in possibly the Newsletter role.
Eager to learn more.
How can we connect and set a date to meet in person or through a video conference?
Hi Deb - I'll email you some details to connect 1:1!
I'm definitely interested in helping out and becoming part of the team, but I'm wary of committing to something that I don't have the time for. Is there any admin/behind the scenes work where I can help?