2021 ASQ Section 1128 Nominations for Section Leadership Committee

Once again it is time to solicit nominations for SLC positions for Calendar Year 2021 (Term of Service is January 1 to December 31).

We are asking you to self-nominate (volunteer) for any of the below positions.  Many of these positions can be run as committees with multiple people supporting the role, so please volunteer yourself (or someone else with their permission) for as many of the positions as you want to support.  We also encourage interested people to “shadow” officers or chairs to learn more about how the job is done and how you can more fully support your Section.

Elected Officers:

          Chair—Ed Myers has accepted the nomination

          Vice Chair—Heather Hand has accepted the nomination


          Financial Advisor (Treasurer)—Needed

Required Positions (can be appointed by Chair; not elected, can be voluntary, multiple people can fulfil this function as a committee)

          Membership Chair—Kara Weaver has accepted appointment

          Nominating Chair—Needed

Other important functions (can be appointed by Chair; not elected, can be voluntary, some of these are single person functions while others can be a group/team/committee effort with shared responsibilities)

Student Chapter Liaison—Dr. Cotter has accepted appointment

Programs (helps to determine who is speaking, what activities and tours are done, what subjects are important)—Needed

Arrangements (helps to determine where functions such as activities, lectures, etc. will be held)—Needed

MyASQ (Liaison to Society)—Debbie Newman has accepted appointment

Education Chair—Ellen Diggs has accepted appointment

Communication Functions:       Internet Liaison (posts and maintains our front-facing local Section page)—Volunteer could use help

Publicity/Social Media (posts and maintains our various Social Media pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)—Volunteer could use help

Newsletter (collects and sends out information and links of interest to our membership)—Volunteer could use help

Historian (maintains a historical record of our Section and its activities)—Volunteer could use help

Voice of the Customer (VoC)—Bruce Longwell has accepted appointment 

Please submit your nomination or desire to serve in any function to Vance Kinsey, vance.kinsey@navy.mil or vakinsey@yahoo.com by 4 September so the election and/or appointments can be made at the soonest available opportunity.  Please contact any of the current Section Leadership Committee members if you have any questions; their current functions and contact information is provided below.


Charlie Thuma, Section Chair

ASQ Tidewater, Section 1128