Voice of the Customer

We are always receptive to your feedback. Please let us know what you think. Some of the specific items we need feedback on are:

  • What are your expectations from the Section?
  • What can the Section better do for you?
  • Why do you come to meetings?
  • Why don’t you come to meetings?
  • What types of speakers would you like at meetings?
  • What venues would appeal to you?


Please contact the Voice of the Customer Chair with any feedback you may have.

2 Replies
Great start Tricia. Thanks!
Voice Of the Customer Survey
  1.  What type of events would you like to see?
  2.  What type of topics interest you?
  3.  Given that we are in an environment of virtual meetings, is there any time of day or day(s) that work best?
For those seeking re-cert points know that recorded meetings are considered credible towards re-certification.   Also, know that other virtual meetings from other professional organizations qualify for re-certification points.  Please send feedback to Bruce Longwell bredlong4@yahoo.com