ASQ’s Main Site – Website for the professional society of the career quality professional.
ASQ’s Certification Handbook – An Adobe PDF document containing facts and tips for aspiring certification test takers.
ASQ Six Sigma Forum – Website which is web-based membership that focuses on Six Sigma practices
ASQ’s Service Quality Division – Website which focuses on service quality.
ASQ Fellow Membership – Website that explains the nomination process
ASQ Section 1104 – Website for the ASQ Richmond chapter.
ASQ Section 1114 – Website for the ASQ Tidewater chapter.
Quality Resources Online – The website for all things related to quality. Start here for researching quality areas.
Hampton Roads Quality Management Communities – Network regional professionals and resources for productivity improvement
HRISPI – The Hampton Roads Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement
INCOSE – Website for the local chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering.
U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award for Virginia – Virginia State Quality Award
ODU Student Section
Measuring What Matters – Bonus Material
How to Create a Continuous Improvement Culture
Getting the Most Out of Your Organization’s Core Competencies
Align Competencies to Create the Culture You Need
Fighting Against “The Way We’ve Always Done It”
Lean and Six Sigma Certification and Training