Quality 4.0
Some recent member survey data indicates that our members want to hear more about Quality 4.0 and they might be confused about what Quality 4.0 is. ASQ put together a resource page for Quality 4.0.


Here are some of the Quality 4.0 Tools. Which tools are emerging in your work? Which tools do you want to hear more about?
  • Artificial intelligence: computer vision, language processing, chatbots, personal assistants, navigation, robotics, making complex decisions.
  • Big data: infrastructure (such as MapReduce, Hadoop, Hive, and NoSQL databases), easier access to data sources, tools for managing and analyzing large data sets without having to use supercomputers.
  • Blockchain: increasing transparency and auditability of transactions (for assets and information), monitoring conditions so transactions don’t occur unless quality objectives are met.
  • Deep learning: image classification, complex pattern recognition, time series forecasting, text generation, creating sound and art, creating fictitious video from real video, adjusting images based on heuristics (make a frowning person in a photo appear to smile, for example).
  • Enabling technologies: affordable sensors and actuators, cloud computing, open-source software, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality, virtual reality (VR), data streaming (such as Kafka and Storm), 5G networks, IPv6, IoT.
  • Machine learning: text analysis, recommendation systems, email spam filters, fraud detection, classifying objects into groups, forecasting.
  • Data science: the practice of bringing together heterogeneous data sets for making predictions, performing classifications, finding patterns in large data sets, reducing large sets of observations to most significant predictors, applying sound traditional techniques (such as visualization, inference and simulation) to generate viable models and solutions.
Let us here from you so we can find speakers to present on the topics you want to hear about.