What Quality Topics do you want more of?
Last week at the annual Minnesota Quality Conference, there was a community thread which asked attendees what Quality Topics do they want more of?  The participation and enthusiasm from some of the responses was inspiring!

As the MNASQ Board makes preparations and begins planning for 2021 events, please share what type of events you would like to see more of?

Are you seeking more events focused on root cause analysis or are you passionate about managing risk?  Maybe Quality 4.0 is weighing on your mind and you're pumped to participate in a workshop to learn more!

Whatever drives your passion, please let the Board know so that we can help deliver!
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Jim Nelson
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Great conference and content!
More Quality 4.0 and some innovation content would be great.
Jim, that is great feedback!  Thank you for sharing!
I would love to see an in-depth seminar on the basics of ISO 14971:2019 for engineers that are new to the medical device industry.