How can we stay active in the Quality World ?
It's been a while since I checked in with our community. During these tough times, the best way to been in touch with our family, friends & colleagues is through the internet -virtually. With that being said, how are you staying in touch with the Quality World ? Please share your opinions/ activities.

From my end, this is what I've been up to - I renewed my ASQ Professional membership on the last day my payment was due. FYI - this is not procrastination, whether you believe it or not, that's when I setup my personal reminder :). But a couple of days later, I received an email from ASQ that all membership grace periods' have been extended by 2 months, which is a great gesture by ASQ during this pandemic. So in case you've missed your renewal date (which I almost did :) ), don't worry ASQ has taken care of it. 

Then I've registered for the WCQI (World Conference on Quality & Improvement) virtual event, which is another offering by ASQ during these tough times. You can register using this link below - Mark your calendars on May 6th.

The monthly gift bundle offered as part of ASQ membership is another great way to keep in touch with the Quality World. There are a wide variety of topics discussed in journals, magazines, webcasts & e-books. Personally, I found it hard to keep up with the amount of valuable information shared by ASQ. So if I don't get a chance to review any material, I quickly make a copy on my laptop & review it later. 

One of key reasons I'm involved with ASQ is personal development. The next & final step in my Certification Pathway is the Master Black Belt Certification. This has been a multi-year journey. Now I'm in the process of developing my Portfolio. I've set a target to obtain my certification by end of this year. In case you're wondering which certification is right for you - use this Certification Pathway Tool :

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In light of how our social dynamic has shifted over the last month, I think there is a great opportunity to be inspired by those around us.  With that in mind, I think your post is inspiring and a great challenge to our community to ruminate on how it fits in your world to be involved.

Girish, it sounds like one of the things you're doing to stay connected is reconnecting with ASQ and its offerings.  Is there a 'favorite find' you have stumbled upon, thus far?

With regard to your question to the community, I would like to provide some of the ways that I have stayed connected:
  • I stay involved.  I participate virtually in section meetings and planning opportunities.  (If anyone in the community is interested in doing the same, let me know and I would be happy to share more information with you!)
  • I have learned to traverse the virtual meeting platform.  Working through the technology blips, the 'at home hair' dilemmas during impromptu meeting requests, and the kids venturing in mid-meetings has been a struggle; but within that struggle is an opportunity to learn and grow!
  • I have used this opportunity of being home to learn to play the piano along with my daughter.  The challenge of learning a new skill and communicating with someone on a different level has been a great reminder of value of patience during training [in life and in the workplace]. 
I would love to hear what others in our community are doing in their pursuit to stay involved!
Thank you for your feedback, Hannah. 

One of my favorites from the Monthly bundles was a presentation by Mike George Sr. on the topic 'LSS in Age of Artificial Intelligence - Unlocking an Organization's full potential'. It was very thoughtful and forward looking presentation. 

I'd be happy in virtually participating in the section activities, please feel free to share the details.