ASQ Innovation Division Webinar - How to Drive a Culture of Innovation
The ASQ Division is hosting a webinar on April 23rd @ 6pm CDT. See attached flyer for details.

Topic: Innovation cannot be dictated. You cannot simply ask people to come up with the best ideas. What you can do is build a culture where innovation can flourish organically. The context that supports the company, the structure of the teams and the role of the leaders are three key drivers of company culture. Front-runner companies have discovered how to play these factors to promote a culture of innovation.

This presentation will showcase how companies like Google, Pixar and Zappos drive continuous innovation and brainstorm with the audience how to apply these practices in other industries. Attendees will understand the ROI of culture, learn what are the key drivers to a culture of innovation, and identify actionable items to promote innovation within their own organizations.



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