Introducing Mike Mercer
I have run a small quality consulting business since retiring from 3M in 2008.  I helped a small manufacturer obtain ISO 9001:2008 registration in 2011 and then again helped them upgrade to ISO9001:2015 in 2018. 

I have become an advocate for UofM Carlson School Professor Chris Nachtsheim's Definitive Screening Designs as a first approach to DOE. Chris and his collaborator Brad Jones of JMP have added these designs to JMP.  JMPs pretty much a full fledged Stats Package, requiring a bit of a learning curve. Minneapolis's own Stat Ease folks have added DSDs to Design Expert as well as every other modern DOE method, they put together a great package.  A lot of my work has been in helping firms do DOE's especially DSD's, I'm not an expert at Mixture designs but know who to call to help my clients with Mixture designs. While on the subject of DOE I highly recommend Brad Jones and Peter Goos book "Optimal Design of Experiments" one of the best books I have ever read!

My main stats expertise is with Minitab, and I have become an acknowledge expert at creating Complex Minitab Macros that are augmented with full fledged Dialog boxes in order to assist the user.  Currently Minitab has upgraded to Minitab Ver 19 requiring all previous macros to be rewritten.  Currently I have a number of clients who have asked me to update their Minitab Macros so they can run them in Minitab Ver 19.

My obsession is to use Individual control charts to plot management critical performance indices, in order to identify areas that need improvement and to stop management tampering.  I have written a 200 page book on how to use an Excel application that can creates a wide variety of control charts needed for business, including level trend, linear trend, seasonal trend, exponential trend, step change trends, and custom trend where you can mix any of the previous trends into one chart. I've been on this bandwagon every since I attended a Donald Wheeler Seminar, which is now contained in his outstanding book "Understanding Variation."

Feel free to contact me if you would like to share ideas about ISO 9001, DOE's especially DSD;s and using Control charts for Management KPI's.
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Thanks for introducing yourself, Mike!  I'd be interested in hearing about your ISO9001:2015 upgrade experiences. Any lessons learned?