World Quality Month
I'm excited to bring up this topic on the World Quality Month which falls on November. As I was researching this topic. I found out some old articles where this was celebrated as a big event but more recently this hasn't created enough buzz .

So I'd like to create a bit of excitement to commemorate this coming month dedicated to Quality. I'm thinking about doing an activity at my workplace related to Quality. Any ideas ?? 

What do you think about the World Quality Month ? Is there anything particular you'd like to do to commemorate this ? Please feel free to share
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A few years ago MNASQ brought in a special speaker on the topic of quality for World Quality Month. We also had a Minnesota Quality Month proclamation. I find that executives set the tone for this kind of thing. Do you have much support in your organization?

One thing you might consider is distributing one of ASQ's research reports on Quality and asking questions about the state of quality at your organization. You can find these resources here.

Thanks for the reply, Karen. I'll take a look at the reports. 

I encourage our community to visit this link on the ASQ site - Lear more about the World Quality Month

There are downloadable banners, wallpapers Quality memes, also a Quiz which interests me the most. This interactive quiz helps you determine which Quality Guru's mindset do you resonate. 
Theo Black
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Hi Girish,

When I worked at UnitedHealth Group (UHG), we hosted an annual quality conference for quality professionals working within the company. It was held during World Quality Month, and it was a big deal!

In 2011, black belts and master black belts across the company met in the Twin Cities to participate in workshops and to hear from company executives and from thought leaders in the healthcare industry. I was impressed with the size of the six sigma community within UHG. The speakers were fantastic.

Over the years, that event transformed into an annual global virtual half-day quality conference connecting quality professionals across this large international company. The virtual conference used live streaming to engage a transcontinental audience. Attendees heard from top company executives and champions who provided key insights into the company businesses, and stressed the need for continuous and innovative improvement in products and services.

I had the privilege to lead (direct and produce) this live streaming event back in 2014. It was a great success. I will long remember the messages and the impact company leaders had on a very important audience.
Those are great involvement activities with a strong Quality theme. 
Theo, Kudos to your organization for supporting these Quality events.