Manufacturing as a career option
Greetings everyone,
I'm new to this community so I was wondering how do I begin interacting with the group. I was doing a bit of research and I found something very interesting this week on the news. The MN Gov has launched a ''Manufacturing Week' campaign to promote the lucrative career opportunities in manufacturing.There is a primary focus on MN's labor shortage in this sector. 

Manufacturing is a key driver in an economy. I've been fortunate to develop my career in manufacturing, had the opportunity to assume various roles where I learned a lot and advanced my skills. I'm very passionate about the Continuous Improvement culture in manufacturing and have found it fascinating.

I'd like to encourage the group to post your views on manufacturing as a career option. 
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This topic is getting even more interesting as I get to know more. This week,t in fact this entire  month, there are several activities planned to promote Manufacturing as a career path. Check this out - Minnesota Manufacturing week

There are plant tours available all across the state. Some are open to students only, some are open to the general public. You could even take an online quiz on Manufacturing in Minnesota. How about that ? !!
I was able to take the Manufacturing Quiz today, scored a 4/10. Not proud of my score☹, but I learned more about Manufacturing in Minnesota. I'd encourage the group to take the test and get to know more about Manufacturing in Minnesota. Please feel free to share if you took the test and thoughts on it. Positing the score here, I leave it to your discretion😉.