10 years to save the planet
I took a vacation on May 1-8 , I am reading a book "All we can save" Truth, Courage and Solutions for the Climate Crisis. by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katherine K, Wilkinson. I have learned that the United Nations report on Climate has stated that we have just 10 more years to prevent the temperature of the earth to increase 1.5 C. There are some young people working on this, one chapter of the book was written by Xiye Bastida (19 years old), I know by experience that ISO 14001 is not really helping, the companies do the least effort and pass the certification, external auditors are easy to satisfy, I challenge you to read and take seriously the young leaders. Please google Xiye Bastida, Watch the video : Our Planet: Our Business. – YouTube
if you have not done so. We as ASQ should take action.