Please recommend speakers/presenters for the monthly member meetings
Keith Fong
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The Leadership Committee brainstorms possible topics and speakers for the monthly member meetings. We're proud of the range of speakers and tours we've had over the years, but we're open to suggestions because we don't know everyone and everything. Perhaps you know someone who would be an engaging speaker or a location that would be interesting to visit. We do not limit our speakers to people in the quality profession--we want to share a range of voices and fields.

Please contact Keith Fong ( with your suggestions.
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Keith, Since the new William Beaumont Hospital is scheduled to open at the end of March we probably need to see if we could get someone from the Corps of Engineers to tell us what problems they had during the many years of construction. We also might want to get someone from the leadership of the hospital to talk about the transition plan and how it worked and what needs to be done differently if there is another hospital being built elsewhere to replace another. I have received information from the Veterans Administration that the VA is planning to construct a new clinic adjacent to the new WBAMC facility which indicates the old Beaumont will be empty, I did notice some construction being done on the "lower" Beaumont [where the original hospital was built ~ WW II timeframe) It would be interesting to know what is going on there.

July 9 update, Since the new William Beaumont Hospital is NOW scheduled to open in a few days… I just heard that Sun Metro will not be providing bus transportation to the Iron Medic location like they have been providing to the current WBAMC location on Piedras.