Going to Virtual Section Meetings until September 2020 - Would like to Hear from You
Hello Section 1202 members! Let me know you read this message by making a comment! Thank you.

We are moving to a virtual format for the April and May dinner meetings. Watch for an EventBrite invitation to sign up and attend the event. Sorry, we won't be able to offer the buffet dinner! Since the meeting will consist of some section announcements and our presenter, we will be starting it around 6:30 PM. Watch Eventbrite for those exact details. 

The April section meeting will be presented by Jim Edgar and will be about DoE. It's going to be jam packed with good information. You will receive your RUs for attendance via a separate email after you login and join us virtually for the meeting. We are going to also hold a pre-meeting clinic, but it will be on a different night. The dates are getting finalized for this meeting - also you can receive RUs. 

If you aren't getting emails from the section, please check out your settings with ASQ and be sure you have given us an email and that you have allowed us to contact you via email. 

Keeping in touch virtually is not the same as in person. We get that. We will be able to connect in person again in the fall of 2020. In the meantime, we look forward to giving you great learning content at our virtual section meetings. And a chance to get RUs.

Please stay safe and healthy!  

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I recently joined the Milwaukee section & attended Sustainable Continuous Improvement on 5/18.  At that meeting you mentioned that there was an event coming up on Thursday 5/28.  I cannot find any information on myASQ, nor can I find a link to sign up.  Also, I'm not showing as a member of the group on the section site.  How long will it take before I show up there?  In the meantime I want to make sure I don't miss anything and am on any email distribution list for events.  Thank you.
Jodi:  I think the Leadership Team has done great to adjust to these difficult times.  The positive is everyone learning new skills to keep moving forward.

Great work & be Safe.

Dave K.
Will there be July  and August  virtual meetings?
Hi, Lori,
Have you checked your profile recently to be sure you have been properly added to the Milwaukee section? If not, please contact Component Relations and they can assist or call the ASQ customer service line and they can also assist. componentrelations@asq.org. 

All the best
Thanks, David. We very much appreciate the grace given by members during these challenging times. We will keep offering virtual programs, starting again in September 2020. 

We will be returning with events in September 2020. Stay tuned!