Sharing presentation on getting "Maximum Yield from ASQ Involvement"

I am pleased to share a presentation, intended for ASQ members, to help realize and maximize the Member Value obtained from ASQ.

This is especially directed to the High-Potential (Hi-Po) Professional ASQ Members.

I guarantee that any Hi-Po Professional Member who upgrades to a Senior Member and follows the steps outlined within this presentation will have a reasonable chance to become an ASQ Fellow within 10 years. You might also become an in-demand speaker or author within ASQ. It's up to you.
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Daniel, this is an excellent and very motivating presentation. Thank you for sharing!
Weili Liu
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Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your sharing. It's very helpful to me.

Hi Daniel : This was a excellent presentation and makes me realize how good it is to be part of ASQ. There are other societies and professional organizations that I belong to that should do a similar (inventory) of the benefits to encourage the membership. The requirement of continued certification of many organizations is to keep your dues up to date which is not enough. It is also good to see something of this significance coming from a member from the great province of Saskatchewan where I was born.
Thanks Again
Dwight E Carroll
Thank you Dwight Carroll

I actually played up the Saskatchewan theme with the title of Maximizing Yield. It sounds like a slogan for crop fertilizer.

David Woods
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Good Day Daniel,

Hope you are doing well. Thanks so much for this outstanding contribution! In my opinion, this presentation should be included in a member packet to all new and renewing members of ASQ. I really wish I would have had something like this when I first started out. It really would have illustrated to me how I could plug in and what I could have gained experience in as well as how I could develop in my contributions to the Society. May I share this presentation with my local section and on our LinkedIn page? Let me know. Thanks.

Kind Regards,

David Woods
Great presentation Daniel, I posted on the ASQ FD&C myASQ site for easy access for our members.
Thanks for your ongoing contribution.
HI, thank you David Woods‍ and I would be honorred to have this shred with your local section.

I actually presented similar themes in 2013-16 to Member Leaders through Section Affairs, which should have cascaded to sections already. My hope is that if the QMD members can lead their sections by example, the news of ASQ's benefits can be effectively propagated.

Also, congratulations on your ASQ Certification badges.
David Woods
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Thanks Daniel!
What an excellent presentation Daniel. Thanks for sharing.
Ajay Rawat
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Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much...
I have joined ASQ in last week but unable to connect myself completely..

I hope this would help me a lot.

Hello Faith Allem

Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you found it helpful.
Hello Ajay Rawat

Thank you for your kind comments. It is a challenging time. I recommend that you take this time to set some personal goals within ASQ, and contemplate how you can work toward them in the future.

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