Managing for Quality to Recover from this Pandemic
Please see the attached paper to stimulate discussion and get ideas flowing about how quality can play a role in management's process of leading recovery from this time of business crisis that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Excelent paper Dr Watson .Quality must help to face the pandemic crisis.
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Eduardo Guaragna
Brasilian Quality Academy
A very good paper and topics for stimulating further conversation. I do strongly feel the deployment (more now than ever) of properly trained HSE Quality Engineers being fully-engaged-is down-right essential and should be a key focus.  I am fortunate to work along side some great ones... My concerns stem around many business operations (outside manufacturing, construction-oil and gas-medical) starting back to work with an awareness, yet a major lack of focus and/or the resources to properly prepare, implement and monitor needed safe-management-practices and procedures to avoid/minimize further outbreaks within their organizations and pubic. I don't see sustainable business success without a "real awareness and focus on a quality return".  I also do not see the USA currently providing at the federal level or state level -that real in-depth direction to those businesses.   
They could learn a few things by looking to others for example to give this return to work an increased level of success and safety. 
For those interested, I have required procedures and practices documented meeting the below Singapore return to work requirements.

Steven Snyder

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