Managing for Quality to Recover from this Pandemic
Please see the attached paper to stimulate discussion and get ideas flowing about how quality can play a role in management's process of leading recovery from this time of business crisis that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Excelent paper Dr Watson .Quality must help to face the pandemic crisis.
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Eduardo Guaragna
Brasilian Quality Academy
A very good paper and topics for stimulating further conversation. I do strongly feel the deployment (more now than ever) of properly trained HSE Quality Engineers being fully-engaged-is down-right essential and should be a key focus.  I am fortunate to work along side some great ones... My concerns stem around many business operations (outside manufacturing, construction-oil and gas-medical) starting back to work with an awareness, yet a major lack of focus and/or the resources to properly prepare, implement and monitor needed safe-management-practices and procedures to avoid/minimize further outbreaks within their organizations and pubic. I don't see sustainable business success without a "real awareness and focus on a quality return".  I also do not see the USA currently providing at the federal level or state level -that real in-depth direction to those businesses.   
They could learn a few things by looking to others for example to give this return to work an increased level of success and safety. 
For those interested, I have required procedures and practices documented meeting the below Singapore return to work requirements.

Steven Snyder
Thank you Gregory Watson‍  for taking the time to apply your considerable expertise toward this issue.

Within your core practices, your first two points include words like essential, frivolous, necessary, and inconsequential.  The Project Management practitioner would characterize that as Scope, the management of which is critical to the success of any project, program, or portfolio.

The introduction of non-essential items would be referred to as Scope Creep; all of which must be controlled within our dwellings and households, neighbourhoods, communities, municipalities or counties, and society at large.  If we have redundancy, can we free up some of our surplus to help those who have gone without?  It is in our interest to secure the health and well-being of those surrounding us or within our proximity, so we must revisit our own virtues and ideals.

If we find our work to be inconsequential or non-essential, how can we convert or transform our contributions to support those who are already overworked?  I have seen this with the conversion of breweries into producers of sanitizers, or industrial manufacturers into medical device producers.  

If the Scope is prioritized, we can procure or acquire resources and define our schedules.  The Pandemic will be addressed and resolved in stages, each with its own distinct challenges and expectations.
Edna Volz
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I'm reflecting.on this 2years after it is dated. IIm considering that we are launching or transforming way of working instead of recovering. As human resources In healthcare are tired, quality management has an even stronger role in using those resources most effectively.

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