Project Plan Templates - Migration to QT9 e-QMS
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Dear Guiomar Meaders

Let me know whether this excel spreadsheet template works for you.

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Dear Guiomar Meaders,

What I did was

  1. just convert everything to password protected Adobe Acrobat
  2. I don't think you have a space issue like last time
    1. If you do, then document procedure should indicate that all QMS on intranet do not carry actual signatures but signed documents are sighted and approved for Intranet uploading and cannot be changed without approved documents sighted and filed in doc control
  3. all documents must be available, i.e. desktops or nowadays tablets with approved access. I had a non conformance as the supervisor's office was locked “available at point of use”

Apologies, Didn't realize you were using a software which involves training everyone to use it and confirm implementation


I went through the process 3 times in 3 different companies. Its is not easy, and not a work for a someone who does not have good experience in it, otherwise you will extend the length of the migration process and may lose valuable data.

When a company purchases a new major software like an ERP or QMS management system, the supplier selling you the software must manage the migration process and control the importing of all the old data from the old system (whether another software or SharePoint, excel/word, ect. ) into their new supplied system through a data-field mapping process. This comes at a cost most likely quoted under "Implementation cost". Even though you may want to save your company some money by trying to move things yourself, that might end up costing the company a lot more money.

my suggestion is: if you are investing in a new software, pay a little extra and make sure it is done right. Good luck.

Thank you!

Thank you!


I have done a draft project plan.

May I propose a review and contributions on what this project may entail?


QT9 appears to have built-in workflows that may not be similar to the current organisation's workflow. The interconnections would need the users to be familiarize how the workflows interact depending on the modules purchased, e.g. audit to CAR to closure to Mgt review consolidation/reporting and dashboard reporting. They also appear to charge per user and we may not need to involve the whole organisation though it would be nice…

For an overview you can watch

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for a project conversion of this nature I would recommend

1. Introduction of QT 9 overview with emphasis on workflows. interconnections (complaints associated with NCMR, CAR and approval routings and attaching supporting documents)

2. Assigning workflow leaders to lead the various workflows

3. Leaders Comparing current workflows and terminology with QT9 - Reconciling workflows and change associated procedures/software as necessary

4. Leaders to confirm users required - As the 1500/user may be inhibitive, I would like to try and reduce the number of users and see whether the software allows for limited deployment with users who just need access to certain documents without needing the system

4. Pilot selected process for deployment with Leaders participating

5. Lessons learned from pilot deployment and adjustment as necessary

6. Training rollout for users

7. Full Deployment

8. Review for lessons learned and adjustment as necessary

9. Procedure changes as necessary

10.User review of changes training

11. Audit of workflows

12. Lessons learned from audit training