CQE exam material
Hello Everyone,

I have experience of about 8 years in the Manufacturing Industry, Now I am working as Quality Inspector in SAFRAN ELECTRICALS, LONDON, ONTARIO.
I am about to start my study preparations for ASQ-CQE.
It will be great if anyone can provide me material and guide me through the exam preparation.

Thanks in advance.
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Get the CQE Primer and know your stats; most importantly understand what they mean.
David Dart
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Hello Utkarsh -

ASQ website is a great place to start, with all the details required for obtaining your CQE certification. I have been certified since 2003.


A friend of mine suggested the same as David, so I purchased the CQE primer from the Quality Council of Indiana. Best of luck to both of us, as I am going for my CQE as well.😊
Hey Utkarsh,
I would recommend getting both the official ASQ CQE handbook and Quality Council of Indiana's CQE Manual. Between them you should have any good understanding of what to study. Put some stronger focus on the statistics parts. You might have to refer some good statistics textbooks additionally.
Hello Utkarsh,

Good Morning,

Please use the CQE handbook from ASQ as the main reference.

Flag the important handbook pages with "Post It Tabs" for fast retrieval.

Do not get overwhelmed with too much information available.

I attained the CQE qualification within 2 weeks of getting the CQE handbook.

The mantra is Practice Practice Practice.

Best Regards,
Girish Trehan
QMS Lead Auditor-independent contractor
Partial-Load Professor Sheridan College
ASQ Education Chair Section 0402