New Member interested in CMQ/OE and CSSBB
Dear All,

I’m a new member of ASQ and the Quality Management Division.

I’m a German working and my family and I living since last year April in Taiwan. I’m working as Director of Global Quality.

I have Quality Management experience for 15 years, certification in ISO9001, VDA 6.3 Process Audits, Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Management also experience as internal consultant and trainer for statistics, problem solving techniques, Measurement System Analysis and process capabilities with deeper knowledge on CAQ Systems. I had the chance to gain these experience in the automotive lighting business in my previous German company and was also based at the HQ in Germany.

Because of my role now in my company I want to enhance my knowledge and capabilities in Quality Management.

I’m interested and would like to finish the certification by this year for Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB).
The information resources at ASQ for CMQ/OE and CSSBB I already know pretty much.

I would like to ask you experienced ASQ members which order you would recommend to me?

Thank you in all in advance.

Best Regards
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From your description it looks like you would qualify for both. Given that you have already achieved a Six Sigma Green Belt, you could leverage that toward your Black Belt preparations and achieve your Six Sigma Black Belt first. There is some overlap into the CMQ/OE, so doing the CSSBB first would be constructive as well.
Kush Shah
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Thanks for reaching out to ASQ community with your question. I have achieve both these certifications and found them to be very useful. CMQ/OE will be the most useful in your current role as Director of Quality so I would recommend for you to pursue this one first. It includes topics that would be of great interest to leaders like you. I would recommend to pursue CSSBB after that.

Kush Shah