ASQ Journals - $63 incentive to upgrade from Professional to Senior Member (call ASQ Customer Care at 1-800-248-1946 to confirm)
This is a message to all QMD members who are currently Professional Members of ASQ.

First, congratulations on your affiliation with ASQ. i hope you find this to be compatible with your personal and professional goals. As a reward for your loyalty and commitment to the Quality profession, ASQ extends the opportunity for advanced recognition as a Senior Member. Consider this from a cost-benefit perspective:

ASQ collects $169 for Professional, Senior, and Fellow Members. However, Senior and Fellow members get a choice of a perk which includes getting a $63 annual subscription to an ASQ journal.

I subscribe to both Software Quality Professional and Lean & Six Sigma Review; and find them to be relevant and thought-provoking.

If you are a Professional Member with 10 years of Quality experience, a renewable ASQ certification, or other professional accomplishments, you may be eligible to upgrade your membership to ASQ Senior Member and immediately yield additional benefits, which includes the selection of an ASQ journal for free. I have attached an application form and provided the link below to enable your upgrade

From a cost benefit perspective, upgrading from Professional to Senior member is a Quick Win.
Cost: 0
Immediate Benefit: $63/169 or 37% recovery of annual dues
Additional Benefit: Better overall ASQ membership experience

Quality Managers must be well-versed and well-read, and ASQ journals support this continuous growth. Knowledge is power, and power leads to impact and influence.

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In the pre-Covid era, ASQ Senior Members would receive a special lapel pin (I still have mine, along with my ASQ Fellow pin).

In the virtual era, what would be the digital equivalent of a lapel pin?
I upgraded to senior member last year and did not receive a lapel pin. Is it possible to get one of those?
i didn't see anything online. you could try contacting ASQ Customer Care at 1-800-248-1946
Senior Membership was referenced in the recent presentation by ASQ HQ to member leaders.

I hope that QMD members will pursue this as part of their long-term engagement with the QMD technical community and the Society at large.

If QMD is appealing to the "Managerial" parts of the organization (being managers, directors, department heads, etc.), it should almost be an implicit expectation for all QMD members to inquire about their eligibility for Senior Membership.

The ulterior motive is to build up a pool of candidates for Fellow membership to get those numbers back up to capacity (50/year) instead of current levels (>10/year since Transformation).
As a Senior member in good standing, I suspect that it is not the number of Senior members that is the main factor for not having a pool of more than 50 viable candidates for Fellowship each year. I have known far too many a knowledgeable, experienced and passionate Senior member whose Fellowship application was rejected due to:
  • Bureaucratic delays and long processing times,
  • Variances in documentation acceptance criteria (same documentation accepted first pass being rejected on subsequent applications),
  • Overly broad requirements such as, achieving requirements across six professional categories, that have few efficacy criteria,
  • and politics.
Even if I were more published and had a higher profile within ASQ, I would not choose to apply for a Fellowship unless and until ASQ applied a bit of continuous improvement on this program.
Thank you Edward Theiss

I can only comment that I did not get upgraded to ASQ Fellow on my first attempt, and it was frustrating at the time, but when I did, it was very satisfying.

There are six categories with incrementally progressive "scores" for levels of achievement. I think in general, getting to the top of the respective categories is good professionally, and whether or not ASQ Fellow is rewarded, there should be inherent rewards of being an author, instructor, active professional, and a well-trained Quality practitioner.

I have actually advocated for the creation of an "Associate Fellow" recognition to capture and recognize those knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate Senior members who unfortunately did not get nominated to ASQ Fellow.
I did some additional analysis on the comparative value to ASQ of the different membership tiers. A recent membership report from November 2020 shows the retention rates for each of the membership categories (i.e. Professional, Senior, Fellow)

Using rounded estimates, the higher ASQ membership levels correlate positively to higher retention rates. For a variety of reasons, the retention rates increase substantially from Professional to Senior member, and again from Senior to Fellow.

Assuming hypothetical approximations, each ASQ member upgrade represents a 10-15% increase in retention rate, progressing from 55% for non-Regular, 70% for Professional, 85% for Senior, and 95% for Fellow.

If more Professional members took the free upgrade to become Senior members, that would expand their individual member value from ASQ, and support ASQ with higher retention rates as well.
Here is a table of future projected revenues, based on the November membership growth data from Geographic Communities.
Section Monthly Growth and Retention -November 2020 End of Month
Member Type Current Count New Counts Renew Count 12 Month Prior Count Growth Retention 5 Yr Value/ Member 10 Yr Value/ Member
TOTAL 48602 12713 33448 53188 -8.6% 67.5%
PROFESSIONAL 31395 10234 18416 31221 0.6% 67.8% $ 304.86 $ 348.54
SENIOR 12629 307 12359 14258 -11.4% 86.4% $ 556.72 $ 824.76
FELLOW+HON 578 8 602 602 -4.0% 94.7% $ 719.77 $ 1,267.98
SEN+FEL+HON 13207 315 12961 14860 -11.1% 86.8% $ 563.74 $ 841.51
REGULAR 44602 10549 31377 46081 -3.2% 73.9% $ 381.55 $ 495.30
STUDENT 3291 2012 765 2962 11.1% 43.2% $ 23.22 $ 23.57

Specifically, if QMD has a greater distribution of members at the higher retention rates, that is good for the members, the technical community, and the Society at large.

Prior to the pandemic, ASQ Fellows were recognized at an invitation-only annual Fellows luncheon. From this chart, the projected value of a Fellow member is 2.5X greater than the average Regular Member and almost 4X greater than the Professional member. I would say that is worth a luncheon.

If the Senior Member demonstrates to be 2X the value to ASQ of a Professional member, how should ASQ and QMD reciprocate that value? This used to be announced by ASQ HQ and published in Section newsletters. That might be a good catalyst to future upgrades and increased member retention.
This is an important consideration for those who wish to be authors and presenters within ASQ as well.

For those who are looking to be published in ASQ Quality Progress or any of ASQ's Journals, being a Senior Member of ASQ carries some prestige and enhances the biography of the author. This helps to establish the acceptance of the material.

While it is different for different people, in my experience within ASQ, reviewers and editors were more indulgent of my submissions and contributions after I upgraded my membership to Senior and eventually Fellow.

In 2021, i will have an article in Quality Progress and my abstracts have been accepted for ASQ's Lean & Six Sigma conference and WCQI. I wish more ASQ members could become Senior and Fellow members, in order to have their voices heard and the opportunities to be published and present at conferences.
With the price increases of recertification costs in 2021, the potential for ASQ members to realize member value has also increased. This is because the ASQ member benefit of synchronized renewals keeps the costs fixed.

By keeping the recertification benefit, the costs to ASQ members are contained, and the comparative savings are expanded.

The incremental benefits for those ASQ members with multiple renewable certifications have expanded even more. If a high performer qualifies an attains 5 or more renewable ASQ certifications, ASQ is literally paying such members to remain with the Society by returning annual savings that exceed annual membership dues. This is one way to demonstrate that a long-term membership with the Society is a truly "rewarding" pursuit.
Renewable Certs Non-Member Member Member Savings Member Savings per Year Member Dues Recovery ($169)
1 130 90 40 13 8%
2 260 110 150 50 30%
3 390 110 280 93 55%
4 520 110 410 133 79%
5 650 110 540 180 >100%
6 780 110 670 223 >100%
7 910 110 800 266 >100%
8 1040 110 930 310 >100%

When this is combined with the $63 incentive received by Senior Members (recovering 37% of ASQ's annual dues for a Professional Member), then a member with 2 or more renewable ASQ certifications can recover an estimated 67% of their annual dues just by upgrading to Senior Member and applying the Synchronized Renewal benefit.

By reducing the net cost of ASQ down to $56/year ($1.08/ week), that makes an ASQ membership less expensive than a cup of coffee from a barista.
David Woods
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Upgraded my membership to Senior last year. It is too bad that they stopped making the physical pins for Seniors and Fellows.
Congratulations David Woods‍ on your preferment.

I was not aware that the membership pins were discontinued by ASQ. Is this something that Catherine Johannes‍ can clarify? The Fellow Pins were traditionally presented to new ASQ Fellows at the luncheon scheduled prior to the Annual Business Meeting at WCQI.
David Woods
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Thanks Daniel! I would also be interested in if indeed the pins are altogether gone. That is what I had heard and had no reason to think otherwise.
The pins are nice, but the recurring benefit is the free subscription to one of ASQ's journals. These are valuable and insightful.
David Woods
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David Woods
29 Posts
Daniel, May I share this to my local sections community page?
yes by all means - also do a promo to bring them all online here to the QMD pages
David Woods
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I also shared to our LinkedIn site.
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