Quality Management Division 2021 Strategic Planning Input Requested
Peggy Milz
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The amazing member leaders of the Quality Management Division Council are getting ready to start our strategic planning process for 2021.  As a result of this process, we will be developing a Business Plan and Budget for 2021.  In preparation for this activity, I wanted to solicit inputs from you, our Quality Management Division members.  Please post your inputs for our 2021 strategic planning process.  The member leaders of the Quality Management Division Council are here to serve the members of the Quality Management Division.  Any inputs you have that can help us better serve our members going forward would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi Peggy Milz‍ 

I see our Technical Community as serving two major purposes for our membership:
  • Help members transform from individual practitioners or team leads into managerial and functional leadership roles.
  • Support managers and functional department heads with techniques and practices to improve their overall impact and effectiveness within their respective organizations.

If we emphasize the value of our offerings, substantiated by consistently positive testimonials, the membership growth and financial stability will emerge organically.

Hi Peggy Milz‍ , 

The two points Daniel Zrymiak‍  has offered are a great starting point and seemingly help fulfill and promote the QMD Mission. To that end, the challenge is on addressing the "how." What steps can we take toward helping individual contributors develop into leaders or supporting existing managers and leaders with tools and content that enables them to improve effectiveness and efficiency within their organizations?

While many potential opportunities come to mind, one thing I am confident 2020 has taught us is that online/multimedia delivery of content is of critical importance. Webinars and other similar formats of content delivery are an excellent way to do this and Dr. Watson's webinar series is a great example of this. More of these types of offerings can help us bring value to all of our members. 

As our division is also very broad in its scope, as opposed to industry-specific, we might also increase the value we offer our members by presenting content from multiple perspectives and industries. For example, reaching out to other divisions and either partnering with them to deliver content relevant to both divisions, or identifying potential speakers from other divisions who can present a QMD-relevant topics from the perspective of their division. This multi-faceted approach has the potential to help us reach more of our membership.

Another opportunity could be to emphasize topics that are applicable to quality management regardless of division. One example would be placing some amount of focus on topics that hone in on what has now become the unified high level structure (HLS) across all ISO-based management system standards. Topics that especially address aspects of clauses 4 through 10 could be of great benefit to all members.

Finally, spending some effort to perform a postmortem on past initiatives from the previous several years could be of benefit. Do we have any previous voice of the customer data from recent years for which we developed specific actions? Do we feel those actions were effective in accomplishing the intended outcome? If not, do we need to revisit them and perhaps take additional steps to more completely address them?

This list is clearly far from exhaustive. Rather, it is intended to offer some ideas that might foster further conversation on the discussion of "how" such that we can develop SMART goals for 2021.

With Best Regards,
James Troeger
Dear QMD Leaders,

Strategic planning is an interesting problem. We need to know three things: where are we going, how will we get there, and how will we know we have arrived? During this process we set goals - but do they have observable measures so we can tell that we are both getting "there" and if we have "arrived." 

I would like to suggest that there are three issues that need to be addressed. One has already been hinted at in this discussion:

1) How should QMD become the "voice of quality" with respect to the ISO initiatives for integrating all quality standards into a high-level organizational structure? Today ISO DIS (Draft International Standard) 37000 is out for comment. It focuses on the topic of "Guidance for Governance of Organizations." I believe it is intended to fit into the ISO 9000 framework along with other standards on environmental management, social systems, risk management, etc. What is the value of this system for business leaders? Is this in the best interest of the quality community when many executives think that ISO 9000 by itself is an overreach of the quality responsibility? Since ISO 9000 standard registrations have been dropping precipitously since the ISO 9000:2015 was released, is this a signal that companies no longer value this type of guidance at the executive level? What can ASQ QMD contribute to this situation that is an innovative approach to quality leadership?

2) How will the ubiquitous digitization of data systems and their integration influence the direction of the quality architecture of the future which is being described as Quality 4.0. What needs to be structurally "abandoned" from our old ways of working as it is no longer relevant in this digital age? Which tools may become obsoleted by smart digital technology? Should ASQ and QMD, in particular be at the forefront of examining what needs to be destroyed in our 'legacy thinking" so we can adapt to this "brave new world?"

3) What challenges will beset the quality manager/leader in organizations as a result of these merging managerial and technical shifts in our "quality climate" and how can we become agents of change so we assure that quality outcomes, both individual as well as organizationally - AND FOR SOCIETY-AT-LARGE - become deliverables from these coming changes to our ways of both thinking and working?

Food for thought! Do we have a robust, resilient, or anti-fragile understanding of the future of quality so it can remain relevant no matter which way the environment is shifting?

Best regards,
Hello Peggy Milz, 

Comrades James, Daniel and Gregory have made wonderful suggestions. 

I will like to add that the 2021 Strategic Planning should consider the review of our Mentorship programme and make it a better tool to train all Quality Leaders in all organisations and professions that ASQ covers 

Thank you