How do you search for QMD content?
For all QMD members, I am doing a bit of research and I am curious; what are your main sources of quality information?
Do you use MyASQ? Do you search the website first? Are you paper based? Do you routinely read QP Magazine or have you collected printed editions of the Quality Forum?
How do you find QMD content?  Let me know. Thanks!
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As a registered QMS auditor and a retired professional engineer (PE),  I use many sources. I use the accrediting body's news and courses, I use ASME magazines, other magazines (such as Machine Design, Medical Equipment design, PE licensing board news letter, internet searches, and ASQ division newsletters. Other sources sometimes pop up and I may use them. I am also a synthetic lubricant dealer and the OEM sends out a news letter and many articles embrace QMD.
I may use published books by authors I know are realistic and not just selling books.
Many times if it is a publication, I will scan the pages and store them in a file on my computer for later use.  I can also search my files that way.
In the past I also attended many conferences and got copies of the presentations when I could.
To me we need more than one view of any topic before we try to use this in our work.Not everyone agrees on the same methodology.
Mickey Christensen
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I tend to look at the published regulations such as ICH, EMA and USP.  I am in the pharmaceutical industry but have a background in the medical device industry so I will sometimes take a look at the ISO standards.  I have also used my ASQ auditing book as a good reference and sometimes when I do an internet search the topic will come up with a reference from ASQ.  LinkedIn also has some great articles as well as other online publications.  
Kelly Gau
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Hi Susan,

I have been in roles where I had to revamp the quality system, and had to learn as I went, without a budget. In order to do that, I spent a lot of time searching the web. I had a solid foundation having worked in companies with well-established systems that also provided thorough quality system training. I agree with Kim that looking at Regs (CFR, ICH, USP, EP, ISO, etc. - I am also in the healthcare industry) is a great starting point. It can be difficult to turn those into something usable without practice. That is where the web came in.

You didn't say what your research is being used for, but the principle is the same regardless. Here is an an example of how I went about revamping our Deviation and CAPA program. I read the regs related to CAPAs for our industry, I searched out several posts about the topic, and viewed multiple examples of CAPA SOPs. Of course, I have industry experience I brought into it, as well. I then wrote an SOP based on that combined knowledge, and created forms for our company to use.

I have repeated this process numerous times. I've created training for GMP/GDP, GCP,  Train the Trainer. I've written SOPs for every GMP system... all using a similar approach. 

I have bought books, I have subscribed to magazines, I get the ASQ articles... I don't have time to sit down and read to be able to go back to those sources. So, being able to search for what I need when I need it is the perfect approach for me. Obviously, people learn and retain information differently, and everyone needs to identify their own approach. Hopefully you will see the approach that hits home for you!
Hi Susan,
Personally, I don't have just one source for quality information.  But with that being said, I do normally check/use ASQ, first.  I have just started to use "MyASQ", recently.  I'm still trying to get a handle on it.  
I have found that searching the ASQ website normally will give good guidance.  But during my search, I will sometimes reach out to local contacts to get their input.  But I don't think one method is better than the other.  
As a rule, I will read QP and normally save them - just in case I need to revisit.  Yes, I've collected/ kept some of the Quality Forums.  

I hope my comments help you with your research.
Hi Susan,
I usually log-in in "MyASQ."
I keep getting inside, based on my requirements for the day.
As my roles as a consultant, trainer, and auditor, my subject chosen is not the same in every log-in. It depends on my priority. Many are I wanted to link with QMD on what I am reading from two magazines regularly viz. ASQ and IRCA/CQI.
I hope my comments help you with your research.
Best regards
Elengovan Irwin

Jerry Rice
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The Quality Management Division has a series of webinars to help to make the most of the communities on MyASQ... focusing on the Quality Management Division community of course. Please follow the link for more information on this 4 part series. 

Make The Most Of MyASQ In The Quality Management Division Community 

This might provide some helpful tips for setting up your profile and how to navigate the site.


OK, thanks for your responses! I have put together a webinar with QMD on October 5, 2020 at 2:00 pm Central/ 3:00 pm Eastern to learn about ‘QMD Part 3- How to Find QMD Content’. Join me for this informative 30-minute webinar, to learn how to navigate the QMD Body of Knowledge (BoK), how to identify sources for searching content and how to find core quality management material. See you soon.