Freedom of Speech
Dan Burrows
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Even though ASQ dropped having the A stand for “American”, I do believe that there are some American values that benefit the world as a whole and our Society in particular.

One of these is the Freedom of Speech.

A lot has been going on with ASQ the past several years as part of ASQ Transformation resulting in the steepest decline in ASQ’s membership and finances in our history.  For 2019 alone, ASQ’s membership likely declined another 10% and ASQ lost over $2 million.

Yet we as Members are not allowed to question this or raise objections and, if we do, our posts are quickly censored and deleted.  The talking points and FAQs being sent to us say everything is fine and we are poised for growth.  The data tells a very different story and as Quality professionals we know to trust the data.

I encourage those who seek to get ASQ back on the right track and to Restore ASQ to join the Restore ASQ group on LinkedIn which is the only forum that allows all viewpoints to be presented and discussed without being censored.
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Say it isn't so. What do you mean the A in ASQ does not stand for American?  What else could it stand for? This is America isn't it? 
Your post has me confused. Are you saying the ASQ acronym does not translate to The American Society for Quality?
How does declining membership relate? 
What kind of discussions have been deleted and what kind of view points need to be censored?
I take no issue with having an additional forum for quality discussions on LinkedIn, as there are plenty that already exist on that platform.
Dan Burrows
392 Posts
Maria Malenfant‍ , answers to your questions below...
Gerald Beer‍ , I'll let you decide if ASQ's current actions reflect what the world sees as the best of  American values...

To your first question, ASQ dropped being known as "American Society for Quality" to just ASQ I believe in 2005.  The reasoning, I believe, was to appear to be more global.

To your second question on how does declining membership relate, I do not think that just being known as ASQ caused declining membership.  However, I do believe that abandoning ASQ's founding values has caused declining membership and many of ASQ's founding values mirrored America's values such as autonomy, limited governance, and free and fair elections.  ASQ has been twisted into some sort of "Business of ASQ" by the ASQ Board of Directors and ASQ Headquarters and, to most people, ASQ comes off as some sort of multi level marketing scheme given all the email, banner ads, and pop up ads that we get.  And ASQ elections are mostly a "one party rule" of hand-picked, slated candidates running unopposed to pack the board with those who will rubber stamp the party line.  I recently submitted well over the number of required petition signatures to be placed on the upcoming ASQ election ballot, but have been told that I will be blocked.  And no election "campaigning" is allowed because who needs an open discussion and debate about the serious issues facing ASQ?

To your third question, personnel at ASQ Headquarters regularly censor posts here on myASQ and the ASQ - The Global Voice of Quality LinkedIn group that take issue with the actions that the ASQ Board of Directors and ASQ Headquarters have taken under ASQ Transformation that have caused the steepest decline in membership and finances in ASQ's history, losing thousands of members and millions of dollars a year.  Instead, we get talking points and FAQs stating that everything is fine and we are poised for growth despite all the evidence, facts, and data to the contrary.  Oh, but we can't talk about that because ASQ Headquarters is watching.
All the other A's I thought of were inappropriate.

From own website

American Society for Quality (ASQ): A professional, not-for-profit association that develops, promotes and applies quality-related information and technology for the private sector, government and academia. ASQ serves individual and organizational members in more than 140 countries.

American Society for Quality Control (ASQC): Name of ASQ from 1946 through the middle of 1997, when the name was changed to ASQ.

Question:  the only change that is noted on the ASQ site is the it now standard for American society of Quality instead of American Society of Quality Control, nothing is noted about the A for American.  Where did you see this change/