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@Luigi Sille
Watch for those employees who take responsibility and run with it, even when they think they are not being watched.

@Luigi Sille
This is a cultural problem. (Multiple choice – Check all that apply)

Why are leaders hidden (or hiding)?
[ ] They perceive the issue as someone else’s job or responsibility. (Don’t want to step on toes.)
[ ] They are too busy and don’t want to take on anything else.
[ ] Fear of accountability and doing poorly – DITM (Does it threaten me)
[ ] Fear potential negative impact on their careers
[ ] Don’t see any additional benefit to counter the above fears
[ ] Don’t know how to lead or where to go. (Lack of vision)

How can leaders be spotted?
[ ] In a group of people of equal rank, a leader will be the 1st to speak or respond to questions
[ ] A leader will have trouble sitting still and quiet through a meeting where no progress is obvious.
[ ] A leader won’t find something more important to do when an issue comes up
[ ] A leader will have a vision and know where to go and how to get there
[ ] A leader will act/volunteer before asking WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)
[ ] A leader knows how to communicate WIIFM & DITM to others to get them to follow the vision.

If you want to make the environment favorable to eagles, you must first create the lofty cliffs.

@Anthony DeMarinis
There are so many forces that are demotivators for the leaders. Cultural and Political interest and group thinking among the top of the list to detract the direct approach of speaking up or being the first. Team/Company Culture is a big factor masking the leaders in an organization.