Open Communication…… It Powers Innovation.
Luigi Sille
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Leaders We need to foster a culture of OPEN COMMUNICATION.mp4

Wishing you a great day ahead, may you achieve whatever you have planned for today.

Luigi Sil.

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@Luigi Sille
Thank you for the MP4. I could not agree more. I have worked for companies where open communication was not encouraged. The only thing that is accomplished when employees feel that their ideas and concerns are being ignored or not valued, is poor morale and resentment towards management as this type of environment breeds the us against them mentality. Fortunately I currently work for an organization that encourages open communication. We are a company that welcomes new ideas and innovative solutions. This type of environment creates a sense of community and fosters pride in the every day worker in doing what they do. I encourage everyone in any kind of management role to encourage open communication on a daily basis.