Leaders and Managers are always SO BUSY, without ANY NOTICEABLE improvements whatsoever.
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@Luigi Sille
Yes, lots of movement, NO IMPROVEMENT!

@Luigi Sille
Honestly, I think it depends on the focus. It is important to empower and guide others so that things can change. But without a concerted effort, a plan with milestones, and drive to make a change, nothing will happen.

Norm Howe
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You're absolutely right. Without a concerted effort, meaning a project plan with objectives, milestones, and RESOURCES, nothing will happen. Unfortunately most managers, even those who are committed, have a clue HOW to do it. You might check out the attached article I wrote for Forum last fall. It describes how we did it.
They also need to focus on outcomes. Too often, senior managers focuses on processes. Once a process is in place, they say "well my work here is done"

@Luigi Sille


The best way to explain the reason is with the 4 quadrants of Stephen Covey. Not investing and spending time in quadrant 2 that will result in getting stuck in quadrant 1 and 3.


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