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Most certainly, after 38 years in the military and 25 years in Quality in the civilian sector, it grew on me!
While not as many years in the military, only 24, I found that being a people oriented leader is not what most people think it is. It is being a leader that makes sure all his/her people have the tools, the training, and the requisite skills needed to succeed. It means letting them know what your expectations are for a task, mentoring them if required, and getting out of their way if they don't need your help and trust them to accomplish the task. It also means that if they need your help, you will roll up your sleeves and get yourself dirty. Then when they are done, make sure they know that they did good and get credit for it.

@Edmond Frost
Absolutely agree with you. May be we can add that leadership or team leader should also show real care about the benefits their team will get after accomplishing each task (like career development, exposure to new things, etc.). People will provide their best on work tasks if there is/are a clear benefit(s) for themselves as individuals after completing that task.