The KNOW-it-ALL Boss
Luigi Sille
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The Know-it-All Manager/ employee is a person who acts like he or she knows everything, and at the same time dismisses the opinions and or suggestions of others.

How do you deal with a know-it-all boss?

You won’t learn if you think you already know everything.

Robert Kiyosaki

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I've had a couple of those and it is frustrating as all hell. They won't listen to logic, tell you your calculations are wrong, refute sound business decisions and then your attempts to instill some logic show up in your evaluation as difficult to work with. Fortunately, my current boss is the exact opposite of all of those traits.
Find a new boss.
I once worked for the smartest man ever born. That's what he knew; and he wanted you to know it too. It might have been tolerable if he was actually smart, but he wasn't and I was miserable until I moved on. He/she won't change and, as Thomas said, your review/evaluation will reflect that you are uncooperative or difficult to work with. Not worth it.
When you interview, ask your potential new boss what kind of management style he/she uses. Ask about micromanaging/freedom to make decisions on your own, that kind of thing. Ask whether he has taken the Myers Briggs personality assessment and figure out if you are compatible with that personality type. Get him/her talking to get a feel about whether he/she is collaborative and what team dynamics he/she expects.
I knew within ten minutes of meeting this man that he was going to be impossible to work with. It's not worth the agony.
Dale Hill
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Make sure to document their decisions, especially when they run counter to reasonable decisions based on available data

@Luigi Sille
For me, I cannot with such a Boss. 😀

Communication is not only being able to explain your ideas or new tasks to your team but also (and even more important) to be able to listen to your team and understand their feedbacks, opinions, etc. It will be awesome if team leaders could go beyond that and understand the non-verbal feedbacks from their teams, smart leaders are able to read their team members' minds.