Recruiting Quality Professionals

What sources have you been most successful with when recruiting experienced Quality professionals?

While we do a lot of internal training to develop people in to quality roles, there are some positions that you just need to bring in outside expertise. We are currently looking for a Quality tool trainer, and the typical sources like Indeed and other job boards have not identified a lot of results yet. Is there a source you have used in the past that provided high caliber Quality professionals?

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Networking events are the best of these types of roles in my experience. I know the last time we had an ASQ conference in our section and there were many people looking for direct placement candidates. The advantage is that you get to talk to some of these people and get a feel before going to a full on interview.

But if you are looking to do this passively, then join the club. The market is very tough.

Dear Michael Kedanis

“Quality Tools Trainer”

One organisation I worked for had a PhD guru who travelled from plant to plant coaching us (all departments) on how we could use statistics to solve our problems…


The ISO, IEC, ASME, FDA, CE, UL, CSA showed me the systems and regulatory aspect of quality which can be a devil to navigate depending on who and where your customers are…

“Corrective Action”

Another organisation I worked for adopted moving suitable people from production to quality to sales. Having someone knowledgeable of “what goes on” enough to get the job done… we had a customer who increased the wave soldering temperatures and blamed only “our” parts for deforming when they had exceeded the plastic heat deflection temperature of "all" suppliers.


The world of calibration and the tests we needed to do understand the Failure and ensure our measurements were accurate…

Its a tall order to fulfill all this… so I brought in engineers to fulfill the various roles with the idea of moving them between functions … but I was moved to another role before it could mature…

Your call depending on “what aspect” you need…

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in an extreme case, we need to hire an external we use this:

Very professional, and good experiences.
They are in Canada, though.

You would be amazed at the networking and people discovery you can find if you have an active ASQ section in your area. If you are not part of one, I strongly urge you to participate.

Another source of networking to find valuable people, although not the primary reason for being involved, is if your your company belongs to local business community groups, with similar work types, find out if they have a quality committee you can join as your company representative. Most of these groups have quality committees, that focus in on common issues within that community. Those committees can also provide networking to find talented people. You are not there to poach, but you can let people know you are looking and may find out that a company is being bought out, downsizing, or reorganizing, leaving some very talented people looking for new opportunities in the quality realm, without having to move. And because you have been involved in the committee, these may be people you already know, that have the skills you need, and then it becomes a no-brainer to hire them.

Jose Perez
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In my experience, the best source of professionals with rounded Quality expertise have been Industrial Engineering college hires.