Quality Management Forum: Call for Articles (Spring Issue)
Joe Wojniak
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Training and Development Content Management Committee is accepting articles for the Spring 2019 issue.

Please submit all articles by January 31, 2019 for editorial review.

Additional details and author article guidelines are attached.

You do not need to be an ASQ Member to submit an article- tell your friends!
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Have you had a chance to check out the excellent content within the Human Development & Leadership Division's files.

I suggest liaising with Stephanie Gaulding‍ 


This is from the Quality Management BoK.  I look forward to the edition.

VII Training and Development
VII.A.0 Training Plans 6 - Create

Develop and implement training plans that are aligned with the organization’s strategic plan and general business needs, including leadership training and alignment of personal development plans. ​

VII.B.0 Training Needs Analysis 6 - Create
Use various tools and techniques such as surveys, performance reviews, regulatory requirements, and gap analysis to identify training needs. ​

VII.C.0 Training Materials/Curriculum Development and Delivery 3 - Apply
Use various tools, resources, and methodologies to develop training materials and curricula that address adult learning principles and the learning needs of an increasingly diverse workforce. Describe various methods of training delivery: classroom style, workbooks, simulations, computer-delivered, on-the-job, mentoring, coaching, and self-directed learning. ​

VII.D.0 Training Effectiveness and Evaluation
Assess training effectiveness and make improvements based on feedback from training sessions, end-of-course test results, on-the-job behavior or performance changes, and departmental or area performance improvements. ​

Joe Wojniak
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Hi Dan, thanks for the lead.  I'll contact Stephanie. -Joe W.
This is commendable. Thanks 
Joe, great visibility on the Call for Articles. I hope the Training and Development Content Management Committee gets slammed with articles! Wouldntt that be great? Keep the momentum going!
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Your team now has its own webpage:

Training and Development Content Management Committee

Just totally basic content at this time. We can add a team roster and anything else you want to describe your team. It has links to your content pages that your team can modify as well. it's exciting seeing this come to life. 


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