Are you attending "Make Your Students Blossom: Insights on Bloom’s Taxonomy & Training Design" this evening?

When your training is a good fit for what students need to succeed, the students will thank you.

This webinar will explain the framework of Bloom’s Taxonomy on training strategies and why it matters to learners. You probably have had examples of training that you loved and some you hated. Training is “just right” when the training design aligns with the learner’s baseline and what they need to be able to do after the training. Register to attend. Check your email box for the link and reminder.

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Good morning, Susan. I have not yet received information about the Taxonomy seminar in my email. I also searched for it on the ASQ Website. When is it scheduled? Other details, if available. Thank you!

Sounds great! Have not seen registration information.

Be sure to check your email account setting with ASQ to make sure you are able to receive the eblasts from the Quality Management Division including invitations like this one. Also, check your PMs from MyASQ (this one was May 31 PM from Jerry Rice who sent the reminders for registration). Additional information is often listed on the EVENTS page of MyASQ. If you missed it, there may be a chance to watch a recording of many of our webinars. Check MyASQ frequently for those opportunities. If you wanted more information on Bloom's Taxonomy and missed the event, reach out to @Diana Baldi Good luck!

Still awaiting registration information or access to the information shared
Jerry Rice
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Here is a link to a recording of the webinar if you missed it.

Make Your Students Blossom: Insights on Bloom’s Taxonomy & Training Design