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Hi ASQ Community!

WOW! I had a wonderful experience attending World Conference 2022 in Anaheim - our first in-person World Conference since 2019! I want to hear your feedback.

When deciding to attend the conference, what was the thing that attracted you most about it?

What concurrent training sessions did you love?

What topics did you feel were underrepresented?

What training sessions do you want to see for Philly 2023? (specific topics, etc.)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope to see you next year on the east coast.

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Hi Susan! It was my first conference and I attended virtually. The keynotes were great and as they were live, it was like being there. I loved your presentation: Audit like a Jedi, engaging and practical. Maybe you can consider topics related to continuous improvement, challenges for quality professionals after COVID, risk management.

For the virtual part of the conference, maybe you should consider more interactive presentations or more live presentations. Although I would love to be there in-person next year!

David Hehir
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Hi Anastasis Alayon,

It was an amazing conference. I so glad it was in California this year I might have never got a chance to attend. The value was so incredible I know I'll return. I encourage everyone to get to the next conference. Once you attend your first you'll know the value and see the value that going to bring me back year after year.