KPI - training efficiency
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Have you set a goal (key performance indicator) for measuring training efficiency?

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The Kirkpatrick Model is probably the best-known model for analyzing and evaluating the results of training programs. It takes into account any style of training, both informal or formal, to determine aptitude based on four levels criteria. Level 1 Reaction measures how participants react to the training (e.g., satisfaction?). Level 2 Learning analyzes if they truly understood the training (e.g., increase in knowledge, skills or experience?). Level 3 Behavior looks at if they are utilizing what they learned at work (e.g., change in behaviors?), and Level 4 Results determines if the material had a positive impact on the business / organization. When we talk of efficiency we are getting to the level 4 results which determines the overall success of the training model by measuring factors such as lowered spending, higher returns on investments, improved quality of products, less accidents in the workplace, more efficient production times, and a higher quantity of work.

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SUSAN GORVEATTE, Training and Development Content Management Committee Chair for QMD
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I've written more on my thoughts here: “Measuring Training Effectiveness for Organizational Performance