Maintaining Certification Records
Hi ASQ Members, I am wondering if you have tips on how to organize and maintain your records for RUs, etc. for recertification? Where do log them, how do keep them straight? Also, do you have tips on how to gain RUs? Let's make a list of tips and tricks for easy re-certification! 1-2-3..Go!
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One suggestion: Record/upload your RU point(s) in the recertification journal as soon a RU point is achieved.
Timeliness is the key for sure.
During my first recertification I struggled as I had various records all over the place and I felt like I was scrambling to get it done. So I developed a an active method to stay on top of it and I have had no issues since.
Here is what I do.

1. Created a google folder to track and maintain all re-cert records.
2. In this folder I treat is a place holder for the records until I add to the ASQ re-cert tracker/file.
3. As far as obtaining RU's I do the following A) Always add all external training B) Review/Watch all the webinars provided in the ASQ monthly gifts. **Sometimes they provide bonus RU's **


Emma Raven
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Hi Houman Mehrabadi

Great tip! Where is the recertification journal?

Emma Raven
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Great question Susan!

I love Carlos' tips about using the free gifts to include the bonus RUs and creating a special folder in Google Drive!

I have an audit log that I track audits on to keep those logged but I like the idea of having something similar for the webinars and training to keep those logged with the topic, duration, company/trainer, or provider, and the date 😀

Please click on following link, then “Access to my online Journal”. You can submit your RU's there.