Making Training Stick
Emma Raven
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I thought it would be fun to share what was your most memorable training experience and what made it memorable?

My most memorable was a hand washing training with a lotion that showed luminescence under a black light to show how adequate hand washing was but also how far contamination would spread!
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I was in a Problem Solving/CAPA training class, and the instructor started to share the example that was being worked for the class. I knew the root cause halfway through the first slide because it was something that I had dealt with personally. Fast forward several years and I was teaching a longer version of the same class in one of our facilities and we had a similar issue happening in production while we were working through the example in class. Using real examples that are likely to occur helps trainees make a connection to the material being taught.
Great question Emma. I love when the instructor is dynamic and entertaining as well as informed. I once had a high school history teacher who asked the class all hop on one foot while reciting capital cities. I still remember them. Not sure it was school policy, but it was memorable, fun and effective :)
Susan Gorveatte‍ You've reminded me of my freshman Biology teacher. He stood on the lab table and said "Endoplasmic Reticulum." To this day I remember that - he said that we would, plus the time he taught us about catalysts when he "became" one by making me hold Paul's hand. I think that what made this stick was the personal connection to the material.
Norm Howe
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Real business stories that directly illustrate the theories being taught are best. Sometimes stories from daily life can also have an even bigger emotional impact. Here's one that I've used to show the criticality of a good problem statement when starting a CAPA: