What does a skills analysis look like for implementing a QMS?
Grace Duffy
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I am working on a guide for designing and implementing a healthcare QMS that considers relationships beyond the hospital boundaries. It must encompass the full value chain of healthcare and wellbeing services for the hospital to be the center of corrective as well as preventive medicine in its geographic community. I can get the standard clinical and administrative skill requirements. What additional technical, communication, or other skills should be part of the talent management scheme for this expanded hospital role within the community for healthcare and wellbeing?
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Great question Grace, I am also interested in this topic. I am expecting the "soft skills" to be included here for healthcare and wellbeing. I look forward to reading the replies.
Hi Grace, I could be way off, but the skills and aptitudes needed for performance improvement professionals seem congruent with skills needed for implementing an QMS. Here's my list, pulled from life and listening to experts.
  • Vision
  • Project management
  • Relationship-building skills
  • Honest, strong ethical and moral principles, trustworthy
  • Facilitation skills (value people/ideas, define success, establish plans, outline expectations, support team efforts/activities, keep on time/on budget, ask strong questions, inspire, make it fun, etc.)
  • Communication skills (listen to understand, check messages are understood)
  • Customer advocate
  • Ability to integrate (i.e., blend parts into a functioning and unified whole)
  • Change leadership/culture development and adaptation
  • People development and coaching
  • Process- and product/service-oriented thinker
  • Able to identify data/process relationships, associations, correlations
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Failure/root cause analysis and preventive action
  • Business acumen
  • Results oriented and work for long-term sustainability of goals/objectives
  • Knowledge management
Grace Duffy
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Susan, this is very helpful. Thank you. I am working on the QMS technical report for our HQIC and wanted another perspective. Having your healthcare leadership input is invaluable. I look forward to hearing from others in the industry as well. I like that you include a combination of technical, behavioral, and attitudinal skills. Very good that you include the ethical and moral components.
Tim Dalton
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Very nice list. I'm about to bring in a trainee and will put the whole thing in front of them for something to look forward to.
Tim Dalton

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