How have your learning approaches changed over the past 7 months?
Grace Duffy
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Standard work processes have changed for many of us over the past 7 months. Less of us are on the road, using hotel WiFi to access our home data files. Being home more gives me time to learn rather than just produce. I find myself spending more time reading the journals stacked up beside my desk and going through the interesting articles I parked on my desktop for "later." I even used my ASQ renewing membership benefit discount for a course on SPC. 

How have your study and learning approaches changed during the pandemic? 
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Great conversation, Grace. I find myself at times still in the old way of thinking I have to be on site with clients and then I catch myself. I have learned so much about Information and Communication Technology) in the last seven months that I realize I can work a client more cost-effectively and often more efficiently through the use of these online and web tools.I am spending my office time exploring how I can continue to incorporate this ICT into my daily routine with clients so I can continue to save them money and save me the travel time (win/win). This gives me even more time to read those older issues of Quality Progress and I even picked up your QFD & LSS in Public Health book recently :)