Supplier Relationships
How have your relationships with your suppliers changed due to COVID-19? What are you doing instead of onsite visits and audits?
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As a supplier (EMR system to hospitals ), we've had a drastic shift in how we interact with our clients. We've cut back the number of onsite visits and the number of associates attending the visits in favor of virtual meetings. We also have had to adjust our timelines as patient surges and worker furloughs have impacted the client's ability to dedicate resources to our projects. The downstream implications to this is incredibly complex for our organization, but undeniable.

One thing we have struggled with is getting the voice of the customer in order to develop new products and then communicating the readiness of those products back to the client. The difference between how an IT company thinks and responds versus how a hospital does is really quite stark, and we haven't found the best way to bridge the gap yet.