What does Supply Chain Management have to do with Quality Management?
Jerry Rice
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Supply Chain Management is currently a main category of the Quality Management Body of Knowledge. There are 6 topic sections within this category:

A.  Supplier Selection
B. Supplier Communications
C. Supplier Performance
D. Supplier Improvement
E. Supplier Certification, Partnerships, and Alliances
F. Supplier Logistics and Material Acceptance

By clicking on the link above you can see further context around the body of knowledge including the level of cognition this section of the CMQ/OE exam is written to. Additional resources regarding supply chain management can be found on the ASQ Website Supply Chain Management. For a more in-depth exploration of supplier related quality topics see the ASQ Customer-Supplier Division Website.
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Amanda Foster
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I have been preparing for the CMQ/OE exam for a while now. This is an area I really struggle with because my organization does not really have suppliers. We are suppliers for other organizations, but we do not actually have supplier to which we can apply many of these concepts. We rely on other suppliers to our customers for the source data we need to develop our manuals and other product, but they are not our suppliers. In many cases we are not even permitted to communicate directly with these other suppliers, much less develop any kind of management program for dealing with them. This is our single most difficult to manage area because we have no control.

I am grateful for these resources posted in this thread because it is definitely outside of my realm of experience.