"Challenges to Quality Management System in the further 5 years"

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I have been called to present the challenges to QMS in the next 5 years internally in my company and perhaps bring an overview to what has been a challenge in previous years till today as a background and introduction to the topic.

Since I am slightly new in the group, I would greatly appreciate if members is the division could refer me to report links in the ASQ site or any additional material you would be happy to share.

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Erick Machado

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Challenges to Quality Management System in the further 5 years -

Hi Erick, there has been many discussions on the QMS or the future of QMS which include Quality 4.0 and/or Industry 4.0. I believe that the increase efforts of data analytics and how this is execute will drive the “further 5 years.” The way we do business, especially in the midst of a pandemic with remote accessibilities will create a demand on advancing technologies. Look up Quality/Industry 4.0 information and this should support your presentation.

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I would start by looking “closer to home.” What is your current QMS telling you? What have your organization and quality system problems/issues been over the past couple years? What information are you getting from internal audits, corrective actions, and your nonconforming outputs process? When you “monitor and review information about external and internal issues and information about the interested parties and their relevant requirements” what rises up as concerns? How has your supply chain performed? Is the quality management system actually aligned with and helping drive the context and strategic direction of the organization? Are the quality management system requirements actually integrated into the organization’s business processes? What is boiling up at management review? Does your QMS provide any “indicators” or metrics, trending?

My last thought is, if you are not getting useful info from all of the above, maybe those are your challenges for the next couple of years.

Tom Bacus

Hi Tom. Absolutely and it makes perfect sense to me. I started gathering challenges before looking at your message and unconsciously took that direction, identifying past mistakes, poor performance of some processes, opportunities to increase added value, repetitive failures, lack of engagement, and I found many topics and opportunities to be tackle.

Many thanks for sharing - very appreciated.

Erick Machado

Thanks Toni - very helpful your comments

@Erick Silva
Here is Digitization of Quality under QMS for next 5-10 years, moreover Industry 5.0 will also b some how matured.

This is my recent research.