What are good Quality Indicators for Clinical Laboratory

We are a clinical laboratory and in the process of improving our quality indicators.  I'm wondering what are some meaningful quality indicators for a clinical genetic laboratories.

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Participating in an external quality or proficiency test program such as EMQN provides data on the whole analytical process. This could be a good quality indicator for your laboratory.

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I recommend that you check out the CLSI guideline "HS1-A2: A Quality System Model for Health Care," in which the necessary aspects of the system are identified as Quality System Essentials (QSEs):
I'm not sure whether your lab is a stand-alone lab or is connected to a larger organization, but I would start by finding out what quality means to your organization as a whole and especially to your customers. The gentlemen in the posts above have great ideas, and I would just add that you will want to find quality indicators that are meaningful to the bigger picture of what you do, that your customers appreciate, and your coworkers/employees buy into. It's easy to come up with through-put and quality of product measures, but a lot of times, those measures are assumed by the stakeholders to be at a certain level, and they'll only care if they start failing. That doesn't present you with much input on how to improve. A Kano model analysis of your potential measures might be helpful, too.

Is there a particular kind of quality indicator you are having trouble identifying, ie product or personnel?