Risk Based Quality Systems Audits for Medical Devices and Drug Prodcuts
Wayner Williams 3865
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Greetings ASQ Members,

Would anyone have suggestions on tools/tips for developing a risk based approach to medical device and drug product internal quality system audits?  I'm looking to develop a risk based approach for determining the scope (i.e. products, processes, systems etc. reviewed) as well as the frequency.  Not sure if there are generic tools for risk ranking -as an example - that are being used.

Thanks - Wayner 
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Girish Trehan 4879
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Hi Wayner,

The Aspect Failure Mode Effect Analysis, a FMEA based tool can be used for risk based implementation.

Best, Girish 
Rajesh Babu 5656
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FMEA .. its simple to follow and there is provision for constant review and re evaluation of risks 
Lisa Shinholster 7310
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Good afternoon;

A great resource you may want to consider is Barry Craner.  I had the honor of participating in the Risk Management: Tools & Audits for all Trades; one of the Pre-Conference workshops at the Annual ASQ Audit Division Conference in Orlando, FL on Tuesday - Wednesday of this week.  He has a depth of knowledge of this subject for the Medical Devices industry.


Douglas Wood 2075
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I am offering a webinar on this in May. Attached is a secure pdf file with more information. Webinar Aplomet RBQA 20200409.pdf