CQI-20 Effective Problem Solving Guide
Peggy Milz
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Has anyone used CQI-20?  Did you find it useful?  Is it worth the $200 investment?

Thanks in advance for taking time to share your thoughts and opinions.
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I believe the approach and methodology in CQI-20 is fairly consistent with many other improvement approaches.
The examples and content are specific to automotive industry. I have found non industry specific guides, reference, training(s) to be of more use to me as it gives me flexibility in my approach to problem solving/continuous improvement.
As far as worth the cost. I can only say it is worth it if you are in automotive and you are willing to fully adopt/adapt to that method. 

I am certain the material is very good, but I do not use industry specific guides for a broad application like problem solving.
Side note I work across many industries on a global scale.


Hello Peggy,

The CQI can be pretty useful if you can commit to real problem solving, mostly as a thought generation vehicle.  Many times problem solving efforts tends to be shallow and the guide can help you ask the correct questions which might lead to a more complete solution to the problem, but it will *not* do the work for you.  The team will still need to be staffed and led by trained and talented problem solvers and facilitators who can focus on root cause and not just jump to actions which may or may not support the real issue.  I would invest in solid problem solving training for key players and use the guide as a refresher or reference during the problem solving events.