Call for QMD Webinar Speakers - 2020
Quality Management Division is giving you the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise! Become a presenter at the one of our webinars for 2020 and share your real-world examples that demonstrate best practices, tested solutions, and proven results. This is a great opportunity for your quality peers to learn from thought leaders like you! 
There are seven focus areas (based on Quality Management BOK): 
I. Leadership
II. Strategic Plan Development and Deployment
III. Management Elements and Methods
IV. Quality Management Tools
V. Customer-Focused Organizations
VI. Supply Chain Management
VII. Training and Development
Note that a webinar is a 60-minutes session including Q&A! Please review the focus areas and prepare your proposal using the form attached!  

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Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to speak on leadership please. Could you send me the proposal format please? I developed a quality management model as the outcome of my PhD and I would like to share the leadership component of the model. I would be grateful to be part of webinar speakers please.
Thank you.
Enefola Odiba PhD
Enefola Obida, Please email me with your address so we can discuss the format of the webinars further. The attached form should give you some idea. Evenings, 60 minutes, no charge to attendees, no payment for speakers, not an advertising venue, we want content to our members. It sounds as if your model is something we would like to see. Douglas C Wood, ASQ QMD Vice-chair for Education and Webinars, email at .
Hi Doug,

Hope all is well with you.  I have something I did for the Milwaukee section regarding Force Field Analysis if you are interested.

If you wish, fill out our form and we will put you on our webinar list. You can send me an email if this does not reach you.

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