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Please allow me a moment of your time. My name is Sarah Christie and I am a Doctoral Candidate at Florida Tech that is gathering data about a topic that I believe will help all of us in the Quality field. I am trying to see if certain types of quality management practices have an impact on non-conformances. I hope to see if there is a connection between certain quality management practices and FDA 483 observations. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to answer. I plan on sharing the results with everyone once I compile the data!

Please note that no one's name or company's name will be shared. This information will be coded to ensure confidentiality. I truly thank everyone for their time and effort. I need to obtain quite a few more survey results and appreciate everyone's help.

Here is the link:

Thank you!
Sarah Christie
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Quality Management has to be involved in all levels in an organization. For that level and lower, make sure procedures are being followed and the procedures are current and up to date. For QM and above, the QM has to make sure upper management is on board and embraces the program. Without top and senior level management support, the QMS will never work. Upper management provides the resources to make the QMS work properly. They must never lose sight of that. This is first and foremost. An organization can't make a profit if the resources to the people under them aren't available.

Hi Sarah,
An excellent initiative!
However, I was about to start the survey when i found the first questions you asked are about the company we work for. That immediately stopped me from doing it. This survey may puts us in troubles since the information to be collected can easily be connected to the company, when i think the intent is to collect our own opinion.

Just a comment.

good luck with your Survey


It is important to gather upper management involvement in QM initiatives, there are important steps to make sure obtaining that involvement. Initial commitment might fade away when performing day to day activities. One important step in maintaining that commitment is including specific managers in the discussions and initiatives. QM is about planning periodic activities that includes priority areas and important issues to be address. QM is about programing an ambitious and innovative schedule that synchronizes important functions of the organization structured in a strategic plan. Also, QM is about building a collaborative and supportive QM team that connects the whole organization network and brings important issues to the table.
I have submitted my survey, via the link. Based on the observation of others, I do have a concern with recording my company name. Is there a way to change out company name for industry? I think this would be of more benefit to your data collection.

Projects and thesis studies are challenging, especially when you may not have had application via an internship, job or other practical engagement. Some of the questions are subjective and one sided or not applicable to various industries. Other questions/statements should have the option of N/A. Depending on how far you are in your survey request, it may be beneficial in getting input from the Quality community on what questions and/or response options?

I realize you are trying to get a "30,000 ft overview", so to speak, on the quality sector. Engagements like this enhances growth! So please do not take my comments above to demean or minimize your position in any way! Just suggestions from one colleague to another!
Thank you Sheri, Fernando and Humphrey for filling out my survey!! I really appreciate it!!

To answer the question about the company name, please note that all data is confidential. I will not be sharing company names with anyone. I am using the names for coding purposes as well as ensuring that I am getting responses distributed across the board rather than focused on one company in particular. Hopefully this eases your minds!!!

Thank you again!
Hi Sarah, my pleasure. Thank you for opening this research channel to understand the reality of quality in our organization and in our society. Hopefully I can see the results of your research published in a near future.

Humphrey Martinez

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