ISO 9001 Refresher Quiz for Employees
Hi Folks, with an upcoming third-party audit, I thought I add a bit of fun into the QMS. I was thinking about sending around a short quiz or an online scavenger hunt to have the employees complete and offer a draw from the completed quizzes. Just trying to keep some positivity and lightness in these challenging times :)
Does anyone have something like this they want to share? Thanks!
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Thats a good idea. I've been having HR include our Quality and Enviromental statements in our monthly news letter. I know the employees read this so it does get some exposure. In the past we've also made small magnets for the employees to place in their work cells. Besides trying to educated durring our internal audits we haven't been able to refresh in normal monthly meetings due to COVID. Very interested in what you put togeather!
I think this is a wonderful idea. I do something similar for safety but haven’t for ISO. To help with quality policy retention, I have had a company make sticky note pads which have the main business objectives of our quality policy on them. This has been found through audits to work very well. I look forward to hearing more suggestions.
Thanks, I like the magnet idea, the ISO bling is always a good idea.
Faith Allem‍ I'm thinking you can take the safety thing and do something similar with quality. I am addicted to sticky notes so that's a good idea!