Remote Auditing Tools and Technology
Earlier I asked a question whether people loved or hated the "new normal" of conducting remote audits. Now I want to know: What tools and technology have you used? Has anyone used an ICT platform that they love? Has anyone used Drones during an audit? Can you envision yourself using Google Glasses in the future? What does Remote Auditing 4.0 look like?
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This is a great question. What would be the scope of the audit?
Hi Daniel, I guess I dont have a particular audit scope in mind, I am wondering if we can see a use for drones or other high tech in our future audits? Although I love the walk throughs with iphones and recorded videos, they can be a bit dizzying and limited. What other technologies could we benefit from or use when planning a remote audit where the traditional face-to-face model is just not feasible?
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In a recent surveillance remote audit, the host company used a 360⁰ revolving Camera for the shop floor auditing. For the external portions of the plant, a drone was used to showcase the empty oil drum storage and the surrounding areas. Of course, Skype was used for audit interviews, opening, and closing meetings.
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Girish, thanks for your reply. I think Drones are being used more and more. I like the idea of a revolving camera. Thanks so much.