Becoming a Certified Auditor
Calling on all Certified Auditors,

I am currently in the process of getting my company AS 9100:2016 certified and I am planning to conduct internal audits of our QMS before the big day. I am wanting to get officially certified through ASQ as an internal auditor and plan on enrolling in the AS 9100:2016 Internal Auditor Training course in November, but I was hoping I could get some insight on what else it might take to get certified. Does anyone know a better method/methods to getting certified, or maybe have some tips for me to make certification go smoother?

I am not new to audits as I have been in quality for manufacturing for the better part of the last 19 years and have been both an "auditor" and auditee, but I am new to getting officially certified as an auditor and would love some advice and tips for those of you who have already been through it and have the certification.

Thanks so much in advance for your time and input.

-Joe Barajas
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Good luck with your pursuits.  ASQ has peer recognition in multiple types of auditing through the Certifications. 

Are you looking for a Lead Auditor credential?  
Jerry Rice
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You may want to check out the ASQ Audit Division Community as well.


Jose Barajas, Prior to my certification exams I took a CQA and CMQOE Refresher Courses online with Tony DeMarinis (email->, LinkedIn->, he is part of the ASQ Olde Colony Chapter in the South Eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod area. If Tony is still doing such refresher course I would highly recommend taking it, Tony is not just a wealth of knowledge in Quality Management, he carries an entertaining and very well organized online training.
Hi Daniel,

Yes, eventually I want to have Lead Auditor credentials, but for now I'm just looking for Internal Auditor credentials. 

Do you recommend getting Lead Auditor credentials first?
Awesome, thanks for the resource, Jerry!
Hi Raul,

I will definitely look Tony up and see about those refresher courses. Thanks for the resource!

I believe you hit on 2 key points, knowing how to audit and being a certified auditor. Those are 2 different things as not having a certification doesn't mean you don't know how to audit, just means your not certified. 

To give you some insight as to how i did it, I got my ASQ Auditor certification and then I have continually got specialized training in MDSAP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 & recently Clinical Auditing. I have found that more and more registars are seeking specialized training in the regulation they are auditing too. I would highly recomend the ASQ Auditing Handbook as it is something i still reference somewhat frequently.

Any additional training is really going to be contigent on you comfort level. 

Hi Carlos,

Thanks so much for the information. I'm looking up the ASQ Auditing Handbook as we speak.

Thanks for the help!


The study materials from Quality Council of Indiana have helped me get several certifications.  (CQE,CQA)

The notebooks are designed to take into exam with all question sets in blue - easy to identify and remove.

Try the set with a disc and practice test.  

I will look into this. Thanks Janet!

Hi Raul,

Where did you find that refresher course? Is there a website I can go to?



I found the ASQ Handbook to be more closely aligned to the taxonomy level than the QCI handbook for this exam. This helps you focus your study based on the type of questions and the depth of knowledge required.

Good luck!
Hi Aimee!

I actually purchased the ASQ Handbook, just waiting for it to be delivered!

Thank you!